A Biblical worldview must address issues regarding the testings and trials of life. Even a cursory reading of the Bible reveals that testings and trials are a standard component of the human experience. The narratives of Scripture highlight the real-life struggles of its characters and their varying degrees of success or failures in navigating these … More DIFFERENTIATION

Leadership Qualities

I decided to publish a guest blog. I receive several emails weekly from leaders in business and other facets of society. One of those business leaders is Robert Glazer. It has been enlightening to inform myself of CEOs’ and business leaders’ responses to the current pandemic’s challenges. This focus has been personally encouraging for me … More Leadership Qualities

M & M’s – Music

Handling the normal stressors of life is in itself challenging. For many, adding the additional stressors resulting from a global pandemic turns everyday stress into mega-stress. I have been mulling over my management mechanisms for stress. In my blog I have been passing along some of my musings on managing stress in the series M … More M & M’s – Music


Recently I was trying to remember the name of a leadership guru I studied during my college years. My brain search continued subconsciously for a couple of weeks. One day the name randomly popped into my mind, Greenleaf! His full name is Robert K. Greenleaf. According to some, Greenleaf coined the term “Servant Leader.” In … More CRISIS LEADERSHIP


Sometimes I ponder this question. If I only had one opportunity to address a group of leaders, which topic would I select? Two issues vie for the number one position in my mind. One subject is the truism, “The Kingdom within becomes the Kingdom without” The other topic is the importance of moral authority. Both issues have in common a focus on the leader’s secret life. As I have had opportunity to address leaders I have endeavored to include these topics in my exhortations.  … More MORAL AUTHORITY