I am thankful for a free press and competent journalists who keep me apprised of world events. A free press and competent journalists also play a critical role in our democratic society. They help us ensure transparency and accountability with regard to our public servants and institutions. Last month I was at home watching an … More A FREE PRESS


Obama ranked 12th best president by historians in new C-SPAN poll Often history, and in this case, historians are kinder to past presidents than their contemporaries are while they are in office. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2017/02/20/obama-ranked-12th-best-president-historians-new-c-span-poll/98149240/ When Barak Obama took the oath of office eight years ago he was somewhat unknown to me as a person. I decided … More PRESIDENTS DAY 2017

Oregon Nation

I remember leaving home sometime mid-afternoon. Many laborious hours had been spent packing and preparing the home-front for an extended absence. The Edge loaded, we were off on our next adventure. I recollect arriving at our destination in the dark of night. When I awoke the next morning and looked out the window there was … More Oregon Nation