The Holy Spirit desires that the daughters and sons of God be free to roam wherever He might lead. The enemy, challenging circumstances, and even personal fears may conspire to keep disciples of Jesus Christ boxed in and unable to move freely at the prompting of the Spirit. Jesus said, GO! We must be free … More FREE TO ROAM

Oregon Nation

I remember leaving home sometime mid-afternoon. Many laborious hours had been spent packing and preparing the home-front for an extended absence. The Edge loaded, we were off on our next adventure. I recollect arriving at our destination in the dark of night. When I awoke the next morning and looked out the window there was … More Oregon Nation


My previous visit to the place of my roots in Ontario Canada was in 2009 on the occasion of my uncle’s funeral. This past December I returned again to help officiate at my mother’s memorial service. The main thoroughfare from Toronto’s international airport to my former home of Kitchener is Highway 401. It is known … More NAFTA IS THE WALL


HELPING IMMIGRANTS ASSIMILATE The history of the USA informs us that first generation immigrants faced many challenges assimilating with the culture. They bring with them their own language and cultural practices which are often very different from the language and culture practices of the USA. Immigrants are often met with fear, suspicion, and prejudice by … More Immigration