Our technological culture has transitioned from turning dials to pushing buttons to touchscreens to voice activation during my lifetime. When I think of dialing down, I think of the old technology for turning down the volume or turning down the heat. There is a tendency in life for the sound of the noise around us … More DIAL DOWN!


Today, September 20, 2021, I achieved my three-score and ten years on this planet. Reaching this milestone and transitioning to a new decade of life is an occasion for reflection. I am reflecting on significant lessons learned during the formative years of my childhood. At times awareness of lessons imparted during my youth went unnoticed … More HONOR

M & M’s – Movement

I have been meditating on my management mechanisms for stress. Handling the normal stressors of life is in itself challenging. For many, adding the additional stressors resulting from a global pandemic turns everyday stress into mega-stress. I have been passing along some of my practices for managing stress in a series of blogs entitled M … More M & M’s – Movement