My word for 2022 is worship. The choice may seem a bit obvious given my vocation as a clergyman. However, while navigating the storms of life in 2021 and now transitioning into a new year, the abstract concept of worship has a concrete image attached to it, an anchor. Healthy life transitions require an anchoring … More SEEKER SENSITIVE


One of my positive distractions from an unhealthy focus on the current pandemic and subsequent isolation has been to stay informed on humanity’s exploration in outer space. On November 15, 2020, SpaceX’s ‘Resilience’ lifted four Astronauts, Shannon Walker, Victor Glover, Mike Hopkins and, Soichi Noguchi, to the International Space Station (ISS). The four-person crew spent … More PROGRESS IN UNDERSTANDING SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES

PROGRESSIVE REVELATION The Pursuit of Truth Concerning the Nature of God

As I have been meditating on this topic, I have experienced a recurring imaginary scenario. Imagine astronaut Neil Armstrong attending a first-century Christian house church meeting dressed in the spacesuit he wore while bounding around the moonscape in July of 1969. Those first-century disciples would have no frame of reference to comprehend the being that … More PROGRESSIVE REVELATION The Pursuit of Truth Concerning the Nature of God

M & M’s – Managing Mega-Stress: Mindfulness

Exercise is the deliberate act of putting my body under reasonable stress. This stress strengthens my body and keeps it flexible. Too much stress risks fatigue, too little stress is not productive. Reasonable mental and emotional stress is also crucial for our wellbeing and personal growth. Too much stress and we risk experiencing mental and … More M & M’s – Managing Mega-Stress: Mindfulness


Recently I was trying to remember the name of a leadership guru I studied during my college years. My brain search continued subconsciously for a couple of weeks. One day the name randomly popped into my mind, Greenleaf! His full name is Robert K. Greenleaf. According to some, Greenleaf coined the term “Servant Leader.” In … More CRISIS LEADERSHIP

WEIGHT LOSS TIPS – Conspiracy Theories

One sure way to bog oneself down very quickly is to buy into a conspiracy theory. In my lifetime, there have always been a plethora of conspiracy theories from which to choose. Whenever I hear someone sharing a cherished conspiracy theory, I quickly become mentally, emotionally, physically exhausted, and teeter on the precipice of nausea. … More WEIGHT LOSS TIPS – Conspiracy Theories