Besides physical work-outs, spiritual and psychological exercise is also critical during transitions. Several consequential thoughts have reinforced my mindset as I process vocational changes. This day was coming.  When my mother turned 80, my brothers and I gathered in San Marcos, California. We took mom out to dinner to celebrate her milestone. Mom enjoyed affirming, … More TRANSITION AND METAMORPHOSIS – Part 4

A Marvelous Day

One of the challenges in writing is to light upon words that adequately convey an emotion’s intensity. January 20, 2021, Inauguration Day here in the USA, was an emotional day. The day’s events rekindled the feeling I experienced during the ceremony when I swore my allegiance to the USA as a citizen, May 15, 2015. … More A Marvelous Day


The merging of life events, at a specific moment or season of life. Often little or no personal control is exercised in the timing of the convergence. Personal control may be exercised in the awareness of, the learning from,             and the application of the lessons from the convergence.  Convergence was the title I … More CONVERGENCE TIMING

M & M’s – Movement

I have been meditating on my management mechanisms for stress. Handling the normal stressors of life is in itself challenging. For many, adding the additional stressors resulting from a global pandemic turns everyday stress into mega-stress. I have been passing along some of my practices for managing stress in a series of blogs entitled M … More M & M’s – Movement

M & M’s – Managing Mega-Stress: Mindfulness

Exercise is the deliberate act of putting my body under reasonable stress. This stress strengthens my body and keeps it flexible. Too much stress risks fatigue, too little stress is not productive. Reasonable mental and emotional stress is also crucial for our wellbeing and personal growth. Too much stress and we risk experiencing mental and … More M & M’s – Managing Mega-Stress: Mindfulness