The merging of life events, at a specific moment or season of life. Often little or no personal control is exercised in the timing of the convergence. Personal control may be exercised in the awareness of, the learning from,             and the application of the lessons from the convergence.  Convergence was the title I … More CONVERGENCE TIMING


Observing the reaction of folks to government leadership during this pandemic has been very enlightening. After decades of studying leadership, exercising leadership, and mentoring leaders, I have realized something. Maybe I should have been teaching more on Follower-ship. Follower-ship Lessons: Leaders must step up and provide clear, courageous direction for their constituency during times of … More FOLLOWER-SHIP


Obama ranked 12th best president by historians in new C-SPAN poll Often history, and in this case, historians are kinder to past presidents than their contemporaries are while they are in office. When Barak Obama took the oath of office eight years ago he was somewhat unknown to me as a person. I … More PRESIDENTS DAY 2017