Observing the reaction of folks to government leadership during this pandemic has been very enlightening. After decades of studying leadership, exercising leadership, and mentoring leaders, I have realized something. Maybe I should have been teaching more on Follower-ship. Follower-ship Lessons: Leaders must step up and provide clear, courageous direction for their constituency during times of … More FOLLOWER-SHIP


Recently I was trying to remember the name of a leadership guru I studied during my college years. My brain search continued subconsciously for a couple of weeks. One day the name randomly popped into my mind, Greenleaf! His full name is Robert K. Greenleaf. According to some, Greenleaf coined the term “Servant Leader.” In … More CRISIS LEADERSHIP


Culture shifts begin with changes in thinking, followed by changes in values based on new thinking. I noted one such advocated transition of thought and cultural values during the time of President Clinton’s Impeachment in 1998 and the Senate trial in 1999. I started hearing statements to this effect, “A political candidate’s morality is not … More THE THREE “Rs” OF OVERCOMING PAST SINS


Sometimes I ponder this question. If I only had one opportunity to address a group of leaders, which topic would I select? Two issues vie for the number one position in my mind. One subject is the truism, “The Kingdom within becomes the Kingdom without” The other topic is the importance of moral authority. Both issues have in common a focus on the leader’s secret life. As I have had opportunity to address leaders I have endeavored to include these topics in my exhortations.  … More MORAL AUTHORITY

PROVOKING THE INTENDED OFFENSE: A Seismic Shift for an Evangelical Footing

“Evangelical Christianity, or evangelical Protestantism, is a worldwide, trans-denominational movement within Protestant Christianity which maintains the belief that the essence of the Gospel consists of the doctrine of salvation by grace, solely through faith in Jesus’s atonement. Evangelicals believe in the centrality of the conversion or “born again” experience in receiving salvation, in the authority … More PROVOKING THE INTENDED OFFENSE: A Seismic Shift for an Evangelical Footing


INTRODUCTION I was blessed to have my roots planted in a conservative evangelical community. I am grateful for a church that taught me to love and to be committed to Jesus Christ, the Word of God, and the Body of Christ. One of the tenants of this evangelical community I learned growing up was, “When … More BE FREE: HONORING CHRISTIAN LIBERTY IN THE POLITICAL REALM


The photo of former First Lady, Michele Obama, and Former President George W. Bush, featured in this blog, inspires hope for our political process. During a recent interview with the Today Show’s Jenna Bush Hager, (George W. Bush’s daughter), Michele Obama said she has found common ground with the former president despite their opposing views. “Our values are the same,” Obama said. “We disagree on policy, but we don’t disagree on humanity. We don’t disagree about love and compassion. I think that’s true for all of us . . . many people often get lost in our fear of what’s different instead of displaying kindness and bonding over similarities.”