Rapid Vaccine Development – Covid-19

One common objection to receiving Covid vaccinations is the perception that researchers developed the vaccines too quickly. Knowing the scientific reasons for this triumph of timing and the rigors of testing and production quality controls ought to alleviate this concern. I recently viewed a PBS program on American Experience entitled The Polio Crusade. Even though … More Rapid Vaccine Development – Covid-19

Developing a Biblical Worldview – Worldview Footings: The Case for Vaccines

Three recent observations: 1. Word continues to reach us of self-identified Christians who have fallen ill with Covid. Some have required hospitalization experiencing severe pneumonia symptoms. Given current vaccination statistics, it is safe to assume that the majority of these individuals are unvaccinated. One hospitalized acquaintance reported that all their “Christian” friends encourage them not … More Developing a Biblical Worldview – Worldview Footings: The Case for Vaccines


MY CATALYTIC CONVERGENCE – #2 AGING WITH POST-POLIO On seeking medical treatment: Within some pentecostal, charismatic, and word of faith streams of the Church, there is a notion that seeking medical care demonstrates a lack of faith. Belief in the healing power of Jesus manifested through the agency of the Holy Spirit and seeking medical … More TRANSITION AND METAMORPHOSIS – Part 2


The merging of life events, at a specific moment or season of life. Often little or no personal control is exercised in the timing of the convergence. Personal control may be exercised in the awareness of, the learning from,             and the application of the lessons from the convergence.  Convergence was the title I … More CONVERGENCE TIMING

A Vicious Virus

And I thought poliomyelitis was a vicious virus. I am biased in my response to the current pandemic. When I hear the word coronavirus through my reality grid, I hear coronaVIRUS! I have dealt with the consequences of contracting the poliomyelitis virus for almost 68 years. That virus attacked me in 1953. That year there … More A Vicious Virus